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Real, guitar driven, and soul-laced rock n roll still exists.

Not in the intentionally under-performed tones of trendy shoe-gaze, or in the overproduced depressing drudge of modern hard-rock, but in an exciting little chasm in Nashville where the band FOUST resides. FOUST, formed in 2019 out of the ashes of the moderately successful Blackwater James, is a true rock n’ roll band that is commonly compared to the likes of Velvet Revolver, SpaceHog, Foo Fighters, and The Cult. Both on record and in concert, FOUST is high energy, exciting, unpredictable, and a bit ludicrous…everything a rock band should be. The band takes themselves seriously, but not too seriously.

Baring the bands name, lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter, Chris Foust recruited longtime confidant and drummer Todd Schlosser (Blackwater James, Majestjc Swayzee, ATG) and bassist/producer Chris Utley to form the primary elements of the group. In the winter of 2019, demo recordings of the band were published online and circulated, generating additional interest in the group and their sound. Then in the spring of 2020, the tracks were remastered and released as a single (The Fountain) and then later in June, the debut EP, REVIVAL.

Foust: Nashville Rock Band

The next release, an EP titled IT’S A VIBE, will be unleashed to all major streaming platforms on December 3, 2021. This record will include 5 new tracks and sport a more polished sound for the band. Influences on this record range from more modern acts such as Yungblud and Taylor Momson’s The Pretty Reckless, to more traditional hard-rock in the vein of Alice in Chains and Foo Fighters. These songs were written and recorded over the summer of 2021 with the single goal in mind of reaching a wider audience. Songs include the first single, The Dark, an ode to those who live outside the lines and in the shadows, the angsty pop-rock anthem Unamke Me, and an 8 minute rock n roll opus titled You’ll Never Know.  To support this new record and subsequent live performances in 2022, the new band line-up includes the following: Chris Foust on lead vocals and select guitar, Todd Schlosser on drums, Brain Stanley on lead guitar, Alex Auer on rhythm guitar, and ‘Spookie’ Rollings on bass.


More about the band…

The first two releases from the debut EP REVIVAL were the singles ‘The Fountain’ and ‘Please’. Chris Foust, the leader of FOUST, has a long and varied music career, starting in 2001 fronting the Nashville based metal band, ATG. ATG released 2 EPs and a full length album too cal acclaim. Chris then joined the retro-rock outfit Kennedy and toured the southeast. Then he formed the internationally known southern-rock band Blackwater James as the vocalist and lead guitarist. Blackwater James released one full length album, an EP with producer Chris Utley, and a single with Creed bassist Brett Hesta. Blackwater James saw positive coverage in Classic Rock Magazine, Black Velvet, and scores of online publications. They also shared the stage with Tantric, Saving Able, The Bullet Boys, members of Ratt, Queensryche, and even Stryper. When the group dissolved in 2012, Chris took up a bi-weekly blues/soul residency at the Nashville Underground on Broadway. During this time he was writing and perfecting the songs that would ultimately be released under the FOUST moniker. Then, in 2019, joining forces with Blackwater James drummer Todd Schlosser and producer/bassist, the core of the FOUST songs were recorded live at Benchmark Records.

Foust: Nashville Rock Band
Foust Nashville Band Bio
Foust: Nashville Rock Band
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