With endless genres and subgenera, rock and roll can be defined in MANY different ways. When you’re talking about effective rock n roll singers? Well, that’s arguably an even more divisive topic. However, we fully intend to piss a few people off by either mentioning some and omitting others, but this is OUR list of OUR top 5 rock and roll singers of the modern era.

What defines an effective rock and roll singer? For us it has to cover two basic criteria: live presence and vocal ability. These criteria can vary from rock singer to rock singer, and VERY few can check both at 100% (Freddie Mercury, David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio are some solid examples). But here’s our list, in no particular order:


Josh Todd – Buckcherry

There are few modern rock singers that truly embody what rock n roll is: raw, energetic, unapologetic, and in your face. If you’ve ever seen Buckcherry live, then you know Josh Todd is all of those things. He may not be the most gifted vocalist on the planet but he’s one of the most fun personalities I’ve ever seen on stage. Props to Josh Todd and the band for still doing what their doing.


Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters

This is Dave Grohl. I can’t say anything you don’t know already know. He’s endearing, knows how to control a crowd, isn’t an asshole, and has one of the best rock n roll screams on the planet. It’s hard not to love Dave. What he does is as authentic as it gets.


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Myles Kennedy – Alter Bridge, Slash & The Conspirators

The first time I ever heard of Myles Kennedy was in his cameo in highly underrated Mark Wahlberg film, Rock Star. I surprised to find out that he was also the vocalist for The Mayfield Four. The man is a vocal powerhouse with the pipes of a rock n roll angel! His most recent work with Slash is some of my favorite he’s done, with ‘Back from Cali’ being one of my personal favorite rock songs. His vocal prowess and abilities will most likely allow him, eventually, to go down as one of the best rock n roll singers of all time!


Luke Spiller – The Struts

Luke Spiller of The Struts, is one of the few rock vocalists to emerge recently that is arguably the full package. He looks like a rockstar, acts like a rockstar, and sings like a really pissed off Freddie Mercury. Luke is both style and substance, and if you’ve seen the Struts live you understand this whole heartedly. The guy has a tambre, incredible range, and energy that is currently matchless.


Justin Hawkins – The Darkness

Im not going to explain Justin…just watch, listen, and be amazed.